Monday, July 10, 2006

Another amusing day at Cif

Well, where shall we start? So much madness today on Cif, that it boggles the mind. At least we've had a bit a humour too ... more about that later.

Okay, I will start with one of Cif's favourite pastimes, Israel-bashing. Every day, without respite, we are bombarded with the customary anti-Semitic piece. Today was no exception, and Brian Whitaker informed us of Jews' anti-Arab racism in Jerusalem. The poor sods. Quoting Brian:

A disgusting tale of racism from Jerusalem: Ynet News, an internet offshoot of the Israeli paper Yedioth Ahronoth, reports that Jewish activists are trying to stop Arabs buying or renting property in the French Hill district.

Thankfully there appears to be some sanity among Cif readers, and a few responses to Brian's lazy copy/paste trolling should be noted:


I would also like to add, that there is no challenge in just reporting news directly from other news sources. How about adding something other than "A disgusting tale of racism." Thanks to Brian Whitaker for providing absolutely zero context. You're amazing!

Quite. But commenter Sousan agrees with Brian:

Israel is a very racist country. Judaism is a very racist religion.

Well ... let's move onto some other blogs of today. Briefly, Matt Foot is playing the race card by getting behind head-butting 'French' footballer Zidane ... because he's a Muslim. And Muslims need our protection, even if/when they're violent.

Jenny Russell wants us to embrace mass immigration as something inevitable, while Kathryn Hughes is promoting the burka:

In these circumstances you can begin to see the point of the burka. Every now and then a Muslim feminist will write a piece for the papers suggesting that turning yourself into a small black tent is, in fact, marvellously liberating since it removes you at a stroke from the scopic economy. Until now that logic has always seemed strangely topsy-turvy, but in the age of high definition it may indeed turn out to be the only truly practical choice.

Yeah ... okay Kathryn. You first my dear. It might enhance your looks.

I left the crowning glory of today's Cif for last. From our dear and humble friend Faisal Bodi. Let me explain. He blogs another steamy rant here, where he encourages moderate Muslims to become more radical. But it's the responses that are so noteworthy:


He's back and he's as extreme and angry as ever!


Aren't you a bit worried that an inquiry into 7/7 might cite the propaganda pumped out by your very own Islam Channel as a factor in the radicalisation of British Muslims?


Hooray! The World Cup is over, and Faisal Bodi's blood is still boiling in his Preston home, full of rage and anger and fascist Muslim Brotherhood Maududi nonsense.
Don't ever stop posting these screeds and dribblings Faisal, you are good value comedy ;-)


SpeakerToAnimals1:"I think his head might really pop this time." You think? I
think he is taking the piss. Perhaps he is really Jewish and is just trying to generate support for Israel. Has anyone seen him and Nick Cohen in the same room? Or Melanie Phillips for that matter. Do you think anyone would be dumb enough to elect an MP who argued that British Muslims should be allowed to use the internet to raise funds for Islamic terrorists? I think getting rid of Baba is a good first step. Has the NSA gone over Bodi's e-mails lately?

There were some excellent comments about Faisal's chubby cheeks, but I notice they've been removed now. Someone mentioned that Faisal should never blog with a food in his mouth again, and another suggested he'd eaten too many halal sausages. Perhaps ...

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Thank you, I have submitted the link. Nice site you have there ...
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