Wednesday, July 12, 2006

'Hindu terrorism' GU leader provokes angry backlash

The Guardian has penned a ridiculous account of the despicable Mumbai train bombings, by mentioning 'Hindu terrorism' before it even mentioned the words 'Islam' or 'Muslim'. As could be expected, there was a fiery backlash in the comments that followed the ridiculously PC article -- with some Indian commenters suggesting that Indian Muslims be transferred to Pakistan and/or Bangladesh.

Commenter trishankapune reacts in the following manner:
Your statement that Hindu militant groups are involved in terror acts in
their own country is incorrect. I think it is high time we accept that there is only one faith in this world which incites it's followers to perpetrate such crimes. This has been their history from time immemorial and it is now too late in the day for them to change.

The solution for India is simple. Let us not forget that our country
had been split once to accomodate the people of this faith so that they could have their own homeland. Since that is now existing, all these people should be asked to leave India and move across the border. One must remember that all cancerous growths need to be rooted out from one's body to stay healthy. These people are like a cancer in this country and should be booted out.

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