Monday, July 10, 2006

LGF accused of 'blogstorming' Cif

The silly little commenter enoughbushit has blamed external forces of evil for losing arguments on Cif. Let me quote:
I am probably not the most civil poster here, but there is a persistent pattern of brute "blogstorming" of any blogs written by a Muslim or which reflects a sympathetic point of view towards Muslims. These aren't specific criticisms, but a swarm of hundreds of long, repetitive posts, mostly from abroad, about how much evil there is in the Koran and what vile, muderous thoughts dwell in the minds of Muslims, many of them outright racist and hateful, along the line of "Get rid of that ugly burqa or get out of my country!" or an oft-repeated, familar laundry list of poorly translated "scary" language taken out of context from the Koran, ad nauseum. I understand that the regulars on some sites, eg. LittleGreenFootballs, organise these blogstorms to bring about the shutting down of functioning discourse. They drown out by numbers what would otherwise might have been an interesting forum for debate on genuine, unvarnished perspectives from the minorities. Can such blogstorms be adressed?

Is it me or is he a little paranoid? Or afraid of being in the minority as far as debate opinion is concerned? Well I think he should get used to it. People are not buying Cif rubbish anymore.

User enoughbushit should also realise that 'shutting down of the discussion' normally occurs when the epithets of 'racism!'; 'you racist!' are shouted.

enoughbushit probably wants censorship. People who disagree with him should not be allowed to post.

Hehe... yup he's paranoid and not much for freedom of speech either...
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