Thursday, July 13, 2006

Middle East turmoil spills over into Guardian

So, GU have decided to crack down on anti-Semitism. Too bad they have addressed the symptoms but not the cause. Yet this is a common logical fallacy encountered among those who like to think too politically correct. I am not one saying that criticism of the Israeli state equals anti-Semitism. But there is no doubt that many are using this as a code for expressing somewhat more sinister grievances, and in consequence whipping up deep animosity. And in this, the actual blog submitters at Cif are even more guilty than the mere commenters.

Another thing, I marvel at why David Hirsh is adopting the inclusive umbrella approach when addressing anti-Semitic commenters. Quote: "The comments box is a Guardian space, not a BNP space or a Jihadi Islamist space or a Daily Telegraph space."

In spite of David Hirsh's article mentioned above, the usual anti-Israel barrage is continuing at a steady pace, and intensifying given the circumstances. When reading Andrew Murray's dismay at the somewhat sensible Euston Manifesto, I cannot help but think that the coalition of convenience is beginning to crumble.

Padraig Reidy almost defended freedom of expression in this piece. Thankfully, MrPikeBishop offers a sane and clear voice on the matter. But I think Reidy is a silent supporter of free expression -- at the very least, he has attended the March for Free Expression.

Ending on a positive note, there are some interesting blog submissions on Cif. I have found Peter Singer's piece on the cruelty of meat production thought-provoking. But as for now, I am still enjoying my bacon.

Good luck for tomorrow, Guardian. You're going to need it with emotive bloggers and commenters on the Israel-Lebanon quagmire.

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