Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Not a good idea, Georgina

Georgina Henry can be applauded on the success of Comment is free. It has grown rapidly and has created many commenting addicts. It has also opened up new avenues for political and cultural communication, interaction and debate. But now, this debate is in danger of being stifled by limiting comments to once every half an hour (!).

Clearly, this is not a wise move. At any given time, there may be several articles that participants want to comment on. Now, we can only comment on one of them -- and have to wait for half an hour to comment on the next. I am sorry, but not all of us have that much time available in the day to log onto the internet! Some of us have only half an hour or an hour during the day in which we can share our pearls of wisdom with the rest. Now, that privilege has been taken away from us.

Please, Georgina, restore your blog to its former glory. Otherwise Comment is free will run dry and die a slow, painful death. People will just find other sites to air their views on. There are plenty. This is becoming an immensely competitive market, and if your blog is not user-friendly it will not be successful.


Nought comments?!!

Now it's one.
who are you, you strange individual?
Who wants to know? :-)
Hey, make sure you cover the mystery of the changing John Pilger article. Why did he change the original headline and article? Was the original headline his own idea? The plot thickens.


Btw I agree about the 30 minutes rule. If they want to limit overposting, they should consider something else e.g. a (say) 20-post-per day limit.
I was under the impression that the thirty minute rule only applied to a single thread. Certainly, I have had no problem posting within that timescale on several different topics.

Not that I agree with the rule. Which is why I regularly double-post, one immediately after the other. Like this:


Just because I can...
After posting a comment, hitting backspace rather than using the browser used to allow you to post again without having to wait. Haven't done this in a while so not sure if it still works.
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