Friday, July 14, 2006

Why close comments ... ?

Something sinister is going on behind the scenes. Martin Bright blogged about his Channel 4 documentary on the Government's alleged pandering to radical, unrepresentative Islamist groups, including the well-known Muslim Council of Britain -- who has links with the extremist Muslim Brotherhood. A lot has been said about the Foreign Office's Islamic Issues adviser Muckbal Ali. From what Martin presents on the C4 programme, Ali does not appear to be 'moderate' at all, but is seemingly aiding in giving a voice to groups who do not really represent the majority of the UK's Muslims, especially the MCB.

Now ... comments have just been closed on this topic. Which is kinda odd because it's the first time I've seen this happen. I also did not see any abusive comment on that thread, or something likely to have breached the Talk Policy. Why has it been closed? And who requested the closure? I am sure many would like to know.


MrPikeBishop has blogged a good piece where he asks valid questions about the fairness of the distribution of the privilege of free speech in this country. Read it and contemplate with an open mind. Why are far right websites demonised, whilst far left ones (often more extreme than the former) are considered acceptable and thus tolerated? If we British value fairness then we should take a good, hard look at just how fair we are, and just how much we have negated our freedoms in exchange for appearing more politically correct.

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